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Go crab of in relief settleclear lake FB

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Week of National Day second half went in relief settleclear lake, crab nature should have, but besides the crab, give me impression deeper is the amorous feelings of a region of rivers and lakes that sees a new world then however.
The island of lotus of in relief settleclear lake that we go to, belong to typical Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes, wadi the driveway that goes up as land, wadi both sides is a family, every family doorway has a port city, the berth before the door is worn boat or mosquito craft, as Oriental Venice.
Went up to the island at 5 o'clock afternoon, the setting sun is falling slowly, the afterglow that be all over the sky is mirrorred go up in lake face, the villager people work in the ground, there is bateau to had delimited slowly on the lake, come without the car the car is gone to, the length that does not have Klaxon cries, everything is so quiet harmony, time seems here rein in footstep, flit gently gently.
Dinner is the special local product of in relief settleclear lake, lake shrimp, salty duck's egg, goose, careless chicken, feral ricefield eel, have the crab with that famed whole world more of course. Drinking old old wine, the typhoon outside the window is rising, had delimited besides occasional mosquito craft in the dim light of night the sound of surface, whole and worldly a still, as if a haven of peace.
When leaving close already at 9 o'clock, on wadi more noiseless, the bright lamp of family bits and pieces of two sides, shipowner is opening a vessel adagio, that kind is swift and violent when taking an island, the spray that is afraid of raise so is noisy wake cross-strait villager, the bank is gotten to come on, all suddenly if in the dream.
Charge: Jia ⑿ ?00 yuan two, 39 heavy, add other course additionally, each 150 yuan enough.
Director, organize when what?
Watch for a chance was not taken when going, use cast the net the photograph that go up







All the year round, feed the seasonal nothing is more... than with best crab autumn. And arrived every year autumn wind rise from all directions when, the mood that eats crab also little spreads in the heart. The crab of in relief settleclear lake, it may be said is the highest grade ······ in crab
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