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On November 18 (day) FB activity calls together crab of Yu Nong dining room

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Autumn wind rises, crab foot is urticant, dry,crisp air of autumn seasonal, be chrysanthemum when yellow crab is fat, the crab begins to appear on the market.

What is meant by a crab? River crab also, but not all river crab, breed must be crab of a huge legendary turtle of China cloth with soft nap, especially in relief settleclear lake, too lake crab is top grade, famed the world. People the highest grade in flavour of crab assimilate to, because it had cate place necessary color, sweet, flavour, form, qualitative. Ming Daiwen learns a Zhang Dai to ever said to eat a crab “ does not add acetic salt and ” of completely of the five flavors.

Chinese ink divides color, musical instrument has 7 news, the crab also has much taste: Crab flesh blindly, crab creams blindly, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab blindly, crab child another flavour. And in crab flesh, divide “ again 4 flavour ” : Thigh meat, filar weak point is fine, flavour is the same as dried scallop; Crus flesh, silk is long delicate, the United States is like whitebait; Crab body flesh, white and glittering and translucent, whitefish of be better than; The ovary and digestive glands of the crab, wonderful, cannot compare. And crab child after working, exposing to the sun is seafood curiosa, for seafood blindly.

High grade crab has one to send white abdomen of “ green carapace, of ” of golden claw yellow wool martial sell. So how to distinguish is crab fair with crab 乸? The answer is the abdomen that sees it: Pointed chief body is navel crab is fair, navel circle large body is crab 乸. Additional, bodily form of the fair 乸 that compare crab wants crab big (probably big 1/3 the left and right sides) , of Jiangsu too lake crab designates dealer - Yu Nong dining room forest the boss' gold sentence the crab that “ eats in Yu Nong dining room, the bag that did not cream is changed! ”

The crab with ripe evaporate shows blood orange scene, forefinger letting a person is moved greatly. Somebody thinks only crab 乸 just has crab to cream, actually crab creams fairly what compare crab 乸 not at all is little, and more Gan Xiang is soft, this is crab one of places with the fair delicious 乸 that compare crab. The crab with fair crab creams one big characteristic is to thoroughly cook won't harden, mouthfeel richness is consequently fruity, eat eat is full-bodied. Forest the boss returns special introduction to sample the clever way that crab creams: Contain to cream, it the top is in palatine, experience slowly, divide the feeling that has sweet slippery sticky opening, the delicacy that still can become aware crab creams is sweet bestrew whole oral cavity. The aftertaste is boundless.

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