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Authentic LV lives: Crab FB goes

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There was a LV in the home, I became the most welcome “LV male ” in the home. The LV bag that LP likes most also did not like. Now, go, want to dragging me. Next punctual CALL I, because there is authentic gem gal mat, tennis racket, sneaker, kit in mothball box. I just know, like the LP of flavour of “ authentic ” , actor's costumes has how much. .

Had a car, the life appears freer. LP goes after the disposition that “ authentic ” consumes, get be showinged adequately. Often break out crank to want to go Wu Jiang road eats authentic “ to bake wing ” , authentic “ Xiaoyang to give birth to decoct ” . Resemble this year, the crab of Shanghai sells more expensively than in former years. LP is worn with respect to clamour, should go the cheap authentic crab that in relief settleclear lake takes the spot. Listen I very sweat, not bad I am authentic “LV male ” .

As it happens, bought a car, still do not have give presents to pass a respectful form of address for an old person people. Then, the plan is taking 3 old people to go in relief settleclear lake eats authentic crab.

The netizen recommends in relief settleclear lake strongly field of the 2nd crab, fervent give a map. Then, be in with respect to the decision the first after the section that weigh this world weekend, set out.

5, had rectified sit LV5, LP very happy. Take, do not have prejudicial whose controversy.

In the morning 9: 30 from 9 booth 9 cities lakeside sets out, all the way autumn wind sends bright, driving oneself are beloved black horse power, extremely smooth see in view of a long time of Shanghai outside mouth. 10: 00 do not arrive to enter beautiful bridge to collect fees mouth. The LV that sees a lot of is resting the station expects collect articles into a volume, which Che Youhui organizes do not know. Regrettablly, I am to pull LP, bring father and mother. . Otherwise, also can join go in. Next time again such circumstances, also should attend certainly go in, the sense that seeks an organization is really good.

According to the map that the netizen provides, arrive smoothly. Plainspoken, this is to come for the first time the spot eats a crab. Have the life of the car, very convenient really.
The map that the netizen provides, super and practical.

The price of crab, understand already. Make a price 100 yuan one pair, grind through dying, fall 80 yuan a pair. Wife simply spot observation, choose the fattest crab, also do not help me get calm boss. Atmosphere.
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