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Travel of in relief settleclear lake is recreational the area is entertainment of scene of the view that taste crab, travel, recreational the superexcellent place to go that crosses a holiday,
Meeting place produces Oriental cloud top to sell Yang Cheng oneself oneself one crab 3 delicacy: Shrimp of fish of crab, white water, fresh water, screw, can eat crab of fresh, authentic in relief settleclear lake to invite a guest, we can catch crab at any time in the crab lane of oneself, what maintained crab so is fresh spend and fertilizer is tender degree; We are famouser elaborate design gives kitchen the crab dish type that much money color, sweet, flavour, form has both; Do not provide savoured size balcony to be able to welcome 300 people at the same time repast; Facilities of go angling center is complete; Meeting Wu center organizes activity of Wu of of all kinds meeting, open up entrepreneur couplet friendship salon, recieve student summer camp to reach all sorts of organization activities, provide service of one continuous line. Still set other and a lot of recreational project: Picket of a covered corridor or walk of 9 boat of middle reaches of room of card of teahouse, chess, lake, bridges, culture, wintersweet.

View lake
Light of lake of mist-covered water vast shines, a gold, a rays of morning or evening sunshine, bo La of flying wild goose is empty, bai Ou nods bronze, blend in blue waves the in relief settleclear lake of 10 thousand just, a Zhen Shuxin that experiences lake wind blow gently to bring and satisfied, this is to the queen's taste harmonious state. This is in relief settleclear lake, water quality of in relief settleclear lake is clear, sunshine appears a bottom to look far, resemble a glittering and translucent halcyon. Go boating on the lake, microwave ripples, as if the person is in the picture.

Building of visiting mark sex reachs example house

Go angling
Go angling is to exercise one of method with best disposition, sit in us to be you beforehand good go angling center, say bad that you are met come back with fruitful results.

Tie crab tournament
Crab of in relief settleclear lake takes the place of early in Qing Dynasty already the name hears the whole nation, all of the announce that occupy Qing Dynasty year " faith presses down annals " account: The lake crab that the person that “ crab gives in relief settleclear lake calls, its characteristic is golden claw Huang Mao, blueness carries white abdomen on the back, ”
Crab of in relief settleclear lake is on the international market and the big vegetable shop of HongKong and Macow, all be labelled classy cate, enjoy great reputation. Annual the crab that Frost's descent eats is first-rate, common saying says “ west wind is noisy, crab foot urticant ” . And “ 9 female 10 male ” are to say the traditional Chinese calendar will eat female crab to be in September best, and male crab eats in October best. Because there is plump and strong the ovary and digestive glands of the crab in bag of crab of female in September crab,this is, its flavour is particularly delicious; The ointment in bag of crab of October male crab is thick and fertilizer enters the mouth and change, it is the delicate food of high protein.
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