Crab of golden hill city the brigade of FB and ASAKURA
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On October 14, 2006, beijing POCO raised FB cate big flag again, this bee place is to be in Beijing city of famous “ golden hill”Hold, what make all and present POCOer excited more is, organizer “ terrestrial ” asks the friend helps one person designedly a free crab, let everybody be in FB while eat delicate crab!

The POCO model that looks a figure to be capital all along repeatedly people also do not consider on fat problem, changed catchword unexpectedly, say: “ figure is the capital that is revolution, FB just is good sense. ”

Autumn wind is removing besides now, the crab of this moment most of fat, it is to let a person think of to be able to 't help really dribble.
The word did not say more, the old standard of POCO Beijing cate is raised high come, the brigade that will watch our crab ~ ~ ~

Our close according to 1

Our close according to 2

Crab crab people open a round table to discuss how to escape


My love most

Final salute

The group photo ~ with final crab

Terrestrial eldest brother prepares eating forceps. .

Fiddling with the Niu Niu of crab

What ancient clever essence blames is fully small

The Gong Niu of belle tyrannize

The Niu Niu of belle tyrannize