Crab of in relief on November 4 settleclear lake FB call-up
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In view of broad Che Youhui the car offers friendlily and visit district goes before 29 days of my meetings and intuition this month
Reason holds friend of first time car to collect large FB activity to call together Saturday on November 4 definitely hope broad Cheyou is answered actively
Relevant charge can be being announced next week

Already signed up TX:

1, bright moon cool breeze 3 people
2, instinctive 2 people
3, He Wenwen of tornado small Yi
4, cherry wood 1 person
5, Seven of red Gong Hebing
6, Sandy3 person
7, Panyong2 person
8.Windylove and LD
9HKK N person
10 Xiaoshuai