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The crab saves a method

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After the crab buys redemptive home, put flood again with clear bath first spit inside clear water and the pot that add salt of one big spoon arenaceous. Put into freezer to store again next.

Eat seafood normally, what the meaning is emphasizing delicacy spending namely is important, biedermeier crab shellfish is gust difference not only, and cause easily toxic. So dead crab did not eat.

Crab vitality is strong, save means commonly: Save temperature to make an appointment with 5 ℃ .

Place stage giving birth to delicacy to go up at ordinary times (below shop a few puts on the ice) : Water of 2-3 hour gush.

In the evening receive and keep: Place Bao Lilong inside box, bedew bubble cotton or continous cloth shop are on its, add a few ice cube can, build, but container side needs starting a hole to keep ventilated. Eat I think absolutely OK inside abdomen free captive animals may be a few longer, ah be like,breathe out not much word, putting what won't die drily, deposit crural unlock with an implements, the lid is good. Last what they put in freezer in the box (not be freezer compartment ah) , need not add water. In that caddy that puts fruit and green vegetables usually namely, put a week left and right sides to won't have a problem commonly, I had tried.

Suggest nevertheless or eat off as early as possible, died after all regrettablly. After lane is ripe refrigerant and best it is to hit aerobic crab to be not put in refrigerant! ! Put in freezer to maintain 5 degrees or so best, one is built to twist dry wet towel above, had better not exceed 5 days, the person that deny will be thin drop. refrigerant can die, dead crab is poisonous, scarcely can eat again! !

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