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Chinese name crab

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Tianjin violet crab a kind this is crab of China cloth with soft nap, its system is small, only size of button of a coat. Open crab lid, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab shows pork liver purple, tangerine becomes after thoroughlying cook, flavour is extremely delicious. Violet crab is produced in the winter with brisk cold wind, accordingly, often use at assorted chaffy dish.

Liaoning promotes city swimming crab this crab is incarnadine and white, the flesh is qualitative delicate, cream be like coagulate fat, flavour is delicious, for the top grade of sea crab.

Drunk crab of small hill lake this crab is fed for Shandong traditional name, already had 200 old histories. This kind of drunk crab is the bright crab that produces with place of small hill lake reach a variety of condiment to refine and become. The drunk crab with good floodwater on low-lying land, still lifelike, color, form still is like vivid crab. Open crab lid, crab flesh is snow-white, the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is bright red, entrance wine is sweet full-bodied, delicious and unusual, local color is distinctive, it is the curiosa on severe winter banquet.

Lai city big crab the famous special local product that this crab is assist county. Because assist county is the seat of Lai state seat of government in ancient times, accordingly, the name of Lai city big crab circulates up to now. The reverse side of Lai city big crab has 3 apophysis share, side predestined relationship has 9 toothed each before, last tine is particularly long, clip of be similar in shape, reason common says " 3 verrucous swimming crab " . This kind of crab big taste is little, the flesh is qualitative delicate. Female crab is the biggest heft 0.75 kilograms. The egg of female crab piece, the fat of male crab, the flesh on the muscle with tender whitening of the snow in chela and big crab hind leg, taste more delicious and goluptious, aftertaste making a person is boundless.

This crab originates in crab of in relief settleclear lake settleclear lake of this world of Jiangsu Suzhou area, it is famed domestic and international China famous product. Crab of water of lake of in relief settleclear lake, general fertilizer, general 3 weigh 500 grams, big person weigh 250 grams above only, the biggest person can amount to 500 grams, blueness carries yellow wool of claw of white abdomen gold on the back, 10 limb are strong and vigorous, crab flesh is plump, nutrition is rich. From of old, even of crab of in relief settleclear lake countless deadbeat do it dump. Mrs. Zhang Taiyan Ms. Shang Guoli has a poem to say: "Not be Yang Cheng crab taste is good, this is born to live why Suzhou! This is born to live why Suzhou!!

This crab is village drunk crab in Jiangsu promotes the traditional famous product that turns a county, the history is long. Because make this crab the earliest and the place of business of the fort in changing a county to promote that does best is taken, old friend says " in Zhuang Zui crab " . This kind of drunk crab, color is like bright crab, put in dish in, lifelike ﹔ its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, and wine is sweet full-bodied, sweet in the belt is sweet, nutrition is rich. The method that local folk makes drunk crab is very much, but basic technology very much the same. Specialization commonly production adopts a crock to immerse more law, should raise via choosing makings, dip, dry put, go makings of downy, fill, seal the working procedure such as altar of crock, outfit, heal. Person " do not see cottage mountain sky loses order " , say again " do not feed drunk crab sky to lose an abdomen " .

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