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The crabber below headlight
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"Autumn wind is noisy, crab foot is urticant. " October chrysanthemum yellow crab is fat fall, sample just about the best opportunity of crab of in relief settleclear lake, then every arrive this moment, in in relief settleclear lake much also the fishing home lights of a lot of bits and pieces, those are the fishermen that take a crab.

The method of crab is very much, have active also have passivity. Fish catching crab is expert good fun when childhood, all corners of the country still is done not have in those days now card mouth of so much, crab can him migration, the crab in all corners of the country is very so much. We can catch crab in conduit, also can feel crab in lake bottom. Crab also is done not have such gold are expensive now, grow string of ability money of a few wool. In memory, arrived deep after autumn, we can bar with the net crab.

The sort of " wait for windfalls " method indeed very interesting. It is the water mouth with one searchs good in the opening limit of wadi becomes site first. In riparian edge gouge a few step all the time the edge extends water limit, on step upper berth some straw, can sit above go, once had done hind of a place where people gather for various purposes, often the following can originally to come down surely in a few years, nobody can take your place.

Bar the necessary tool of crab is two crab net, this can be bought in the market. This kind uses what twine weaves to be able to sink to the crab net of river bottom, already prison good clear. Chop a few long bamboo from inside the Zhu Yuan of oneself then, rise repeatedly with lead wire, want to grew to go than crab net only, again a headlight and a small earthen jar went. In the day that TV does not have in the home, adult child does not have a thing in the evening, because this is very much,the someone can bar crab. River two sides is some more small window, everybody still can lie between a river to say to talk, can harvesting a joyance already also is very the thing of cheerful heart.

Crab net has the branch of fluctuation key link, when the carburettor float vertical stroke of raise to the higher plane of principle rises, also be a crab when getting online, at this moment have to eye quick worker is fast, control two strings finishing program first, fluctuate after that key link controls a network together, can wrap the crab in the net so, the made content in making a net, when going up in one's hand, be being caught when the crab also is the happiest when.

Artful when can catch just a little night 10 crabs, this also is the best redound that awaits in northwest wind. Bred a technology to already arrived now quite high rate, the crab that passes science breed aquatics not only big, and euqally delicious and goluptious. In the in relief settleclear lake that enters after autumn so little lights on fishing boat, and on the highway of edge lake much however the light that moving quickly, that is the tastes crab guest that be attracted, collected Qiu Riyang settleclear lake a infinite scene.
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