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Eat crab 8 unfavorable
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Crab not only delicious, still contain rich vitamin, and have fair officinal value. But, the meeting after crab of some people edible produces the symptom such as bellyacke diarrhoea, disgusting vomiting, accordingly, when eating crab, ought to notice following 8 should not be.

One, unfavorable edible dead crab. River crab postmortem is inflexible period and oneself dissolve period shortens greatly, the bacterium inside crab body can breed quickly and diffuse in crab flesh, vomiting of the person that make feed, bellyacke, diarrhoea. The back carapace of new bright vivid crab presents young black, have burnish, umbilical ministry is full, abdomen is white. And dying crab back carapace shows yellow, crab foot is softer, break up difficult.

2, unfavorable edible gives birth to crab. River crab is with animal body or humus feed, of all kinds bacterium and mud were covered in path of the body watch of crab, branchial bowel that reach a stomach consequently. Because some people did not wash crab clean down, evaporate is boiled do not appear, or because eat raw drunk crab or bloat crab, feed the bacteria inside crab body or helminth into body inside, bring about fall ill. Accordingly, feed crab to want evaporate ripe boil fully.

3, unfavorable edible has deposited long ripe crab. Accordingly, crab appropriate is burned now eat now, do not want to deposit. In case do not eat, those who remain must guarantee the place with shady and cool and clean, ventilated existence, when eating must cook again thoroughlies cook evaporate to appear again.

4, unfavorable chaos chews stretch. When eating crab, ought to notice 4 cleared. Want cleared crab stomach, namely bone packet of the triangle, have inside corrupt sanded ﹔ 2 should eliminate crab bowel ﹔ 3 want cleared crab heart, crab heart common calls 6 horn board ﹔ 4 want cleared crab cheek.

5, unfavorable those who feed is too much. Crab flesh sex is cold, unfavorable feed more. Taste empty is cold person answer especially bring to sb's attention, lest bellyacke diarrhoea.

6, unfavorable feed together with boiled water: When eating crab, mix boiled water of water of the 1 inside the hour avoid after eating crab. Because boiled water is met diluent hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, tea party makes the certain part of crab caky, all go against digest absorb, cause bellyacke, diarrhoea possibly still.

7, unfavorable feed together with persimmon. Crab fertilizer is when persimmon is ripe, ought to notice avoid crab and persimmon are mixed eat. Because of persimmon the part such as medium tannic acid can make crab flesh albumen to solidify said of liquid, caky material stays for long inside alvine path to be able to ferment corrupt, cause the reaction such as vomiting, bellyacke, diarrhoea.

8, certain patient is unfavorable edible: 1. Have the patient of catch a cold, calorific, gastralgia and diarrhoea. 2. Activity of ulcer of chronic gastritis, duodenum, cholecystitis, gall-stone disease, hepatitis period person. 3. Content of the cholesterol in the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is high, the person that has fat of coronary heart disease, hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, tall blood should eat less or do not eat. 4. The person of constitutional allergy. 5. The person with taste cold empty.
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