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Crab banquet and crab culture
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Lu Xun says: "The person that has crab for the first time can admire very much, be Trojan who dare eat it? " crab appearance is terrible, even clamp person, the person that begins to eat crab needs some courage really. But can say for certain, the Chinese nation is earlier know the nation that has crab. " Zhou Li " in carry " crab petties official " , it is sauce of a kind of crab allegedly, it is early it is thus clear that more than 2000 years ago, crab already appeared on the banquet of our ancestor as food. Of Xie of Gu Sai of Northen Wei Dynasty " Qi Min wants art " introduced souse crab " law Tibetan crab " , raised the method that has crab again one pace. Land chelonian is unconscious later " crab annals " , teach thes upper arm " crab chart " , of Gao Shisun " crab slightly " , be concerned crab wear only, the Chinese is richer to the knowledge of crab.

But the culture that takes crab to serve as a kind of leisurely and carefree mood is enjoyed, begin from period of advance of the Kingdom of Wei however. " the life says neologism. Allow absurd " account, jin Bizhuo (word luxuriant world) wine of be addicted to, say between: "The right hand holds goblet, left hand holds crab chela, in boat of the wine that take surplus, sufficient lifetime. " concept of this kind of philosophy, food affects a lot of people. From now on, people eat crab, drink, admire poem of chrysanthemum, ode, as the love affair fall, and develop gradually to collect close friends, have say to have laugh at the ground to eat crab together, this is " crab banquet " .

Speak of " crab banquet " , regular meeting associates " red Lou Meng " in interesting and lively one act. The novel is written first Li Wan is served with phoenix elder sister merchant maternal aunt of mother, Xue pares crab flesh, bade again girl takes pistil of sweet-scented osmanthus of chrysanthemum Xie Er the gram face that fume comes, preparation washs his hands. At this moment, an affectionate couple, amber, rosy clouds will replace phoenix elder sister. Be during Tan Xiao is joking, smooth should take hand of raw meat or fish to wipe amber face, however by amber escape, result as it happens is wiped go up in face of phoenix elder sister, bring so that everybody bursts out laughing. Next, the cabaret that eats crab begins, also have those who see a flower, also have those who do water to watch a fish, bao Yu offers: "We make a poetry. " then everybody eats and drink at the same time, at the same time selection of subject, xian Fuju spends a poem, chant crab is chanted again finally, each show Cai Zao, alternate of an excellent work sees. Among them crab of Xue Baochai that chant is uniform the cloud:

Shade of laurel brume tung sits raise wine cup, chang'an saliva mouth longs to weigh this world.

Road does not have classics abb before, sky of the age in the skin is black yellow.

Wine not enemy raw meat or fish still uses chrysanthemum, the gender is prevented accumulate Leng Dingshun ginger.
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