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Of big 閘 crab by 來
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Autumn to the world, chrysanthemum is open. The crab of " of " travel old and well-known family in aquatic animals, be grows the most maturely period. Annual after the autumnal equinox passes, northwest wind rises, live in the crab in river of all corners of the country, entered the adolescence with mature sexual gland, go to along weak flow east You Yi, marry to journey of " of bayou shallow sea " , have honeymoon happily, raise up seed. Chu Xia of the 2nd year, crab seedling again river of go against the river and go up, the " in entering fresh water settles down " , pass exuviate case for many times, give birth to long maturity. Crab migrates this kind reproductive characteristics, make it lives in the journey all one's life, live in the journey.

Crab whole body wraps around A Chinese-style unlined garment takes shell, have both chela horn weapon, infestation all corners of the country, make shrimp of a few fish be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, decamp. Human ancestor since ate crab, after cate of the first-rate in discovering it is aquatic product, in long-term manufacturing practice, understood crab to migrate gradually progenitive rule, early the flood season that mastered crab. Stream hand down a lot of crab adage, it is to catch crab and the experience summary that eat crab. "Cold Dew sends a foot, frost's descent is being caught. "" west wind is noisy, crab foot is urticant. "Explain crab is mature, undertake migrating breeding, the season that is crab came. "9 hero 10 female " , " of the traditional Chinese calendar in September broad and rounded abdomen of a female crab, october needle, "State egg of female in September crab is full respectively, yellow cream development of sexual gland of male crab of richness; October is the best, most beautiful, yellow shaggy fruited dittany is fat. This paragraph of period, holding chela to admire chrysanthemum first-rate to feed crab season. "Established a winter, the shadow does not have footprint. "Explain weather is cold, the " traveler " of aquatic animals wants " to bury slimy " winter sleep. But, if climate is warm, grow the environment is favorable, "Before light snow, be troubled by heel, "Still can prey all the same crab, delay to severe winter. The mankind grasped the mobile pattern of crab lifetime, begin to put in a suitable place to breed artificially. Spring at the beginning of end summer, enter the clear bayou of the sea from the Yangtse River, or North Jiangsu Hong Zehu is taken, catching crab seedling carries area of past fresh water puts in a suitable place to breed. Environment, climate and put in a suitable place to breed crab seedling how many, having affinity to flood season accident and crop discretion, the circumstance mutates, decide abundant apology.

The civilian saw that there still was " of chaos of crab of barren of shrimp of a " in the past, the manners and morals of the time of the year's harvest of speculation of in order to. Shrimp is much, should hungry; crab is much, want troubled times. But, the course puts in a suitable place to breed artificially crab, yield is annual grow in quantity, especially year after year of ascendant extent of crab of in relief settleclear lake is rising, the society is stable unite, person the people's livelihood rises alive, effectively overthrew " of " old old saying. When holding chela to admire chrysanthemum, if can associate to these, the flavour of crab, more delicious perhaps.
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