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Of the crab have a way
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When eating crab, should pay attention to 5 child definitely: Break, suck, dig, clip, disclose.

Break: Break crab, cent pace goes, break the end lid, 2 carapace that break crab, 3 bodies that break crab. The force must be taken hold just just. A bit heavier, hard to avoid can fizzle out because of flowing and blank, light a minute, mix likely ripe crab is stronger a long time, also fail it half fine long hair!

Suck: To eating crab need not for acetic person, suck crab is crucial one step. Ceng Yan: Big bowl yellow rice or millet wine, suck crab is become meat and fish dishes, the immortal is not changed!

Dig: The most inviting the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is current, best movement is big fast a cheek, regrettablly the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is not the flesh, so cautious ground is dug. Can weapon of have the aid of, the other one aspect of the matter of crab leg clamp is more compressed small spoon, eat the ovary and digestive glands of the crab to go to the lavatory namely.

Clip: Common saying says, "The man loves to have shrimp, the woman loves to eat crab " . Do not cross that " ugly " crab foot, but let MM,have a headache unceasingly. Then, need clamp of foot of a crab, vigorously is placed, come off gently next, nag slowly, eat crab to also want a fair maiden.

Disclose: Meet the person that has crab know, the crab leg clamp that should have fork of one gangmaster part only, leg eating crab is OK also very enjoy. Leg of bite off crab two upright incrustation, clamp of reoccupy crab leg from bottom, go to li of disclose a few, the crab thigh meat with tender fertilizer from came out.

The delicious king proposal to eating crab

1, no matter be,boil crab or be evaporate crab, do not put the thing of any green ginger and so on. Such ability hold the former juice raw ingredient of crab. Green ginger is to be used go raw meat or fish is added sweet, to crab of in relief settleclear lake, do not need completely. The little taste that needs clear water to maintain crab itself only is enough.

2, when eating, also do not need to dip in any condiment (ginger, vinegar, juice wait) . Because condiment can puzzle your taste, make you not easy differentiate the little taste of itself giving crab, the stand or fall of crab of not easy resolution. Good crab, whats are added, flavour is delicious and clinking, and thigh meat bears fruit and take bit of light sweet taste. But bad crab, once did not have condiment auxiliary, flavour bland. This also is judgement crab is good the as most reliable as difference method.

The tea that nod ginger had better be drunk after tasting a crab

Ginger tea practice: Cut after ginger flay piece, put into boiling water boiler to boil 5 minutes to be become namely together with brown granulated sugar.
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