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The strength win initial success of culture " crab birthplace " brand
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Origin: China produces net of culture of course of study

"Culture " start shooting brand

Cling to the city is association of aquatic product of Ministry of Agriculture those who name " crab birthplace " .

Cultural Festival of annual crab of in relief settleclear lake is in ground of like a raging fire of Bacheng of hill of Jiangsu elder brother to undertake in.

Crab Cultural Festival does year after year, highlighted especially this year " culture " 2 words.

Of Cultural Festival nob is " " hill of comparatively well-off elder brother " a person of academic or artistic distinction of Jiangsu painting and calligraphy invites exhibit " a hair of an album of paintings. Specially of vice secretary of leading Party group of province article couplet comes from Nanjing, published ebullient address, mayor canal is patriotic binding and layout elegant an album of paintings is held in both hands in the hand, send present honoured guest.

People opens an album of paintings, break up inside page, right on the face saves Tian Chicang of calligrapher chairman Wei namely male atmospheric is cursive bottle square: In relief settleclear lake is beautiful, cling to city crab is fat! In addition, still have the cursive scroll of Yan Gongda of vice-chairman of Chinese calligrapher association, the travel careless scroll of Sun Xiaoyun of famous female calligrapher, save the traditional Chinese painting of Zhu Kui of artist association vice-chairman, Fan Baowen, Zhao Wenyuan to wait a moment, all without exception reveals famous home wind model.

In this an album of paintings, almost " catch the whole lot in an action " a person of academic or artistic distinction of painting and calligraphy of Jiangsu. Their work, contact together with the crab culture of in relief settleclear lake mostly. Be the force of culture, start shooting " crab birthplace " brand.

8 delicacy say one crab comic dialogue

With what differ before be, this year when show of crab Cultural Festival, alternated the work of this locality writer. Among them, the comic dialogue of show of Ying of Ying of Xing of actor of Guangzhou comic dialogue and Liu Lixin " settle of the Eight Immortals in the legend " , it is the author's originality, also the first draft that they offer according to the author revises show draft.

Say crab Cultural Festival is a crab before, little imagine, in relief settleclear lake has the crab of famed China and foreign countries not only, still have 8 delicious taste:

Be this comic dialogue, the Cultural Festival " crab " the article is outspread arrived 8 delicacy, not only the audience applauds, cling to the fishermans of the city are much also clap applauds --

Fall October, ground of crab day crab; Passed the fall, 8 delicacy are n/COL the head of a family!
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