Enjoy the practical cabala doing crab that amounts to a person (graph)
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Enjoy amount to a person practical the law that do crab

 Enjoy those who amount to a person to become crab law is sweet hot fry crab

Material: Section of quick crab, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Pian, garlic piece, green paragraph, oil of essence of starch of sauce of refined salt, pepper, cooking wine, dry fine starch, seafood, water, chicken, balm, Chinese prickly ash, chili oil, refined oil, Xian Shang.


1, quick crab takes case from celiac hilum place, go clean splanchnic reach branchial, go leg needle and housing edge, abluent hind, cut crab 8, join right amount refined salt, cooking wine mixes divide evenly.

2, on fire of boiler buy flourishing, burn refined oil to come 5 into oil lukewarm, next will place of mouth of crab piece behead is stuck wrap on dry fine starch, blast of the dip inside the boiler that enter oil comes ripe (crab carapace at the same time ripe) .

3, inside boiler additional cheer, burn to 4 into oil lukewarm, section of devoted dry chili, Chinese prickly ash is fried sweet, mix into burns moment into bright Shang Lue, issue crab of garlic of ginger, green, sea again, after putting essence of sauce of refined salt, cooking wine, seafood, chicken to burn about 2 minutes, the starch that use water receives thin Gorgon euryale, join oil of balm, Chinese prickly ash, chili oil, pepper to turn over divide evenly to be able to be installed finally dish.

   Enjoy the Thailand crab box that amounts to a person to become crab law

Thailand crab box can be judged from the name is a Thailand dish, but however because of it delicate and pass into southeast Asia a lot of countries, not only flavour massiness, the famished look of golden color is looked at leave greatly with respect to appetite making a person.


(1) crab flesh, shrimp mud end of each 1/4 cup, pork 4 2;

(2) fish sauce is 1 big spoon, peppery 1/4 small spoon, candy 1/2 small spoon, garlic, yan dish bine (mincing) each 1 big spoon, egg 3, crab carapace 2, scamper oil is right amount.


1, will (1) , (2) makings and an egg use mixer or come with hand agitate adhesive, put crab case inside.

2, water is added to be burned inside a pot for steaming food, crab box steam 15 minutes are taken out.

3, scamper oil burns heat, 2 eggs hit divide evenly, crab box touchs egg fluid to come with blast of medium baking temperature the yellow that show gold (3 minutes) fish out.