Organic crab eats a law to have " mechanism " (group plan)
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Organic crab also wants ground of “ organic ” to eat of course, ability has a taste, eat healthily. Steam be crab eternity to have a way, because can be reflected most so,give the mouthfeel with crab the best itself not only, and this kind eats a law to return most accord with the people need to health. And small wonton of flesh of bean curd of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, crab, sweet even hot crab, what mediate there also are each each when sampling in boil is exquisite, alone is like this, the spirit that just calculates a “ organic ” is carried on thoroughly.

Steam be crab eternity to have a way

What curry crab uses commonly is sea crab

  Organic have a way steam

Ham flavour is like whitebait with beauty of dried scallop crus

Steaming is the greatest to a crab respect. Bright end Zhang Dai comments on crab to say: “ does not add saline vinegar and the five flavors is complete person, without him, it is crab. If colleague is unripe,” eats crab, the five flavors is miscellaneous old, take crab of fair crab mother to lie between water steam to make, on crab abdomen face, after 15 minutes, green crab becomes red crab, fragrance is tangy, OK big fast a cheek.

Eat crab unfavorable collect group, a person is enjoyed alone in the home optimal, vinegar of equipment good ginger and a mood, begin from foot of a crab, to crab chela, arrive again in the abdomen the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, one layer upon layer surprise, climb the pleasure that rise repeatedly, call a person to have kind of bright and advanced feeling.

Steamed crab also can have different mouthfeel, thigh meat flavour is the same as dried scallop, crus flesh beauty is like whitebait, whiteness of crab body flesh is glittering and translucent, whitefish of be better than, lush of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is clinking, see admire. Steamed crab does not suit tremendous meal bureau, the arrival of crab often can bring long awkward silence on the stage when an actor enters late or forgets his lines, people is gnawing bite wholeheartedly a crab, the word of make impromptu comic gestures and remarks becomes no longer moving.