In the crab powerful mid-autumn flavour (group plan)
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Domestic banquet chela seals tender jade in pairs full

Mid-autumn the theme of cate is reunion, before the flowers and below the moon, the family is surrounded sit, be in harmony of its Le Rong. Here when, cate or the moon is tie-in, it is complementary makings, great gift kissing affection is entree. The banquet has mid-autumn have a way differently, if have a meal in the dining-room of water edge, nature is " the advantage of being in a favored position " , water edge visits a month, more accord with people to imagine to what enjoy the glorious full moon; And be in siheyun dining-room repast, what having small jasper type is leisurely and comfortable. Have a way differently, it is different choice merely, the moon chooses to be in at this moment the roundest, we choose to be in at this moment the most beautiful.

Butyric mushroom soup is tie-in goose liver go up beautiful choice

Chrysanthemum bright light looks even if together pure and fresh tastily cole, below the month small drink indispensable

Old curtilage inside siheyun peaceful eat crab

Suit a crowd: The family of a grown-ups and children reunites

Often be a siheyun curtilage, be located inside peaceful alley. Siheyun more those who accord with an ordinary person is aesthetic mid-autumn. Here has pretty good crab. In relief this year settleclear lake will open a lake on September 9, the Mid-autumn Festival will appear on the market in the round, the crab this year drops than produce per year a quantity, price is expensive also 3 into. For this person to crab of a be addicted to, not be a good news, the crab eats to always can feel a bit deficient in dining-room, steam a crab not to need what skill after all, bought directly come home it is OK to do, however here still has many other strange absolutely dish is tasted.

Fascia: Recommend the arenaceous boiler fim here, although a lot of places have this food, but the place that can have made this food truly is not much. Hoosh is snow-white, mouthfeel is sweet soft. And boundless blessing flesh is a palace course with long history, fokelore is Ci Xi love most, a steaky pork, slice, coil again for an organic whole, your person highly praises the idea of chef.

Mid-autumn activity: Every is booked in coming 15 days on September 8, 2008 autumn banquet (588 yuan / ) guest, every desk dish is tasted enjoy 88 lose privilege, additional give moon cake, red wine a bottle

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