Crab ginger is fed together but " reduce diarrhoea " (graph)
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Festival will come mid-autumn, the autumn cate such as moon cake, crab, persimmon is much also rise, doctor of no wonder digestive family discovers mid-autumn around, outpatient service always can see patient of gastric ministry unwell more, old perhaps stomach trouble broke out again. Tall grease of moon cake high in syrup, crab property is cold cool, persimmon sends diarrhoea. How does cate eat these 3 kinds mid-autumn? University of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science is accessary Yang Xiaojun of doctor of vice director of digestive division of the first hospital introduced to everybody the most healthy have a way.


Crab and Jiang Tong are fed fall cold cool

Festival family Qi Huan gets together mid-autumn, have a taste of what is just in season takes the option with really pretty good crab. After having some of person edible however, can have the symptom of bellyacke diarrhoea, disgusting vomiting, because the crab is very cold cool, especially itself taste weakling, eat to have a problem more easily. Want to eat crab, master following gold to match.

Jiang Xingwen, can changing crab infirmly " cold " . Yang Xiaojun introduces, if he is in,cook a crab, must join Jiang Tongzheng or fry together. Still can drink bit of Jiang Shui after eating crab, perhaps chew some of Jiang Pian. Can rise warm stomach, lukewarm the effect that fill, reduce the diarrhoea reaction after eating crab.

When cooking crab, use purple perilla Xie Ke not only because of it can render palatable, it still has induce sweat to come loose the effect of gas of cold, travel and stomach. As ginger, can dissolving crab " cold " . The abdominal pain that because eat crab,causes too much repeatedly even, diarrhoea also can use 5 grams purple perilla leaf and water of 8 ginger Bao are drinkable alleviate unwell.

Natural enemy: Freezing beer, strong tea, persimmon

Yang Xiaojun says, besides freezing beer, freezing coke, fruit juice, any freezing slant cool thing is unfavorable with crab at the same time edible, otherwise abdomen can suffer disaster.

In the meantime, eat crab boiled water of water of the 1 avoid inside the hour and ban eat persimmon. One kind is contained to cry in tea and persimmon " tannic acid " composition, the fleshy albumen that can make crab medium is caky, caky material stays for long inside alvine path, can ferment corrupt, cause vomiting, abdominal pain.

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