Fruit price goes low crab best-selling
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Drawing near of the Mid-autumn Festival, of all kinds should does section provision rise in price? Arms cent road visits the reporter yesterday the market, supermarket, general merchandise, discover moon cake is sold " first Dan Houwang " , the businessman predicts to be able to have the growth of two digit word. And carbonado, chicken, taro, chestnut should section provision price did not rise, the sale of carbonado, chicken does not have special free flourishing. Fruit and 4 everybody fish begin to depreciate, "Ineffective troops " market of day of assault Guangzhou the Mid-autumn Festival, into mid-autumn advocate make aquatic product.

Moon cake: Sell " first Dan Houwang "

The businessman expresses, the sale of moon cake is shown this year " first Dan Houwang " phenomenon. Wide 100 concerned personages disclose, the time of moon cake sell like hot cakes compares in former years to defer this year, but step September, moon cake group buys the client height concentration of give sb a present, retail for private use, drive food whole sale to go tall, only the sale of moon cake category grows more than 25% compared to the same period. Believe as the drawing near mid-autumn, the moon cake sale before the section is to last more flourishing is sold, reckon the food sale this year will have 3 to become the amplitude of above.

The flesh kind: Burned a fryer to wait that day mid-autumn or rise in price

Be in fleshy market, carbonado, chicken, taro, chestnut should section provision has not appeared apparent rise in pricing. In Dong Chuanxin downtown streets, carbonado still sells 28 ~ 30 yuan / 500 grams left and right sides, follow a few days ago about the same. Nevertheless a few it is good to can deposit longer food to become like taro, chestnut sell. Taro sells 2.5 ~ 3 yuan / 500 grams, sell 5 yuan greatly, archives advocate say, it is much these days the person will buy, "Chestnut is the most delicious now when. " a grade that sells chestnut advocate tell a reporter, he can sell chestnut 100 ~ everyday 150 kilograms.

"These days the citizen is in ' bear a red-letter day ' , keep back first do not buy delicious, to celebrate a festival to be spent at a heat when the talent with great quantity. Sell these days so won't very flourishing, affirmed that day to the Mid-autumn Festival very flourishing. " the concerned controller of Dong Chuanxin downtown streets is right reporter say. She estimates, to the Mid-autumn Festival that day, gallinaceous sales volume can increase 3 times, the price such as carbonado, chicken also can rise in price.

Fruit: Grab into saliva fruit " the market "

"Shandong apple is harvest season. " fruit jobber Zhou Xiaoquan discloses say, at present the malic trade price of Shandong, Heibei is every jins only 2.5 yuan or so, xue Li is more cheap, it is 1.5 yuan only. "The yield of country of origin is very enough this year, the price may fall somewhat when mid-autumn. The price may fall somewhat when mid-autumn..
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