The net is surrounded raise crab to have what advantage
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The net is surrounded (or foil is surrounded) raising crab is to be in laky raise crab and net to surround the development on piscicultural foundation to rise. It is to use the bait with laky flood superior zoology environment, substantial put oneself in another's position to expect resource and urine body intensive change a when breed means photograph union to raise crab new technology. This grows crab means, only then at 80 time evening. Mix according to the natural condition of each district at present advantage, already developed to be surrounded for the net, foil is surrounded, branch of a river of low dam high hurdles, lake is surrounded bar raise a variety of forms such as crab, form a net to surround the set that raise crab, have very strong vitality. This grows crab means has the following advantage:
(1) solved the laky surface that raise crab mouth of water of big, pass in and out is much, time catch the contradiction with low rate.
(2) resolved the laky voyage course of study, contradiction that catchs fishery and aquaculture.
(3) is reasonable use and protected laky in rich rich, solved before laky the collective in raising crab puts in a suitable place to breed, the contradiction of individual benefit, make laky net surrounds benefit of the economic benefits that raises crab, society and zoology beneficial result close together union rises.
(4) net surrounds the mount a horse that raise crab fast, cost is low, the technology masters easily, breed kind agile.
(5) river crab appears on the market norms is big, quality is good.
Production carries out a proof, this technology that raise crab has very big advantage and wide development perspective, benefit of its economic benefits, society and zoology benefit are distinct. Jiangsu Hong Zehu undertook large area network surrounds the experiment that raise crab 1991, the net surrounds an area in all 762 mus, average mu produce river crab 38.75 kilograms, time catch rate amount to 54.8 % , give pond norms on average to be 136.3 grams, investment yields than for 1: 1.6. Jiangsu lay between a lake to undertake small area network surrounds the experiment that raise crab 1992, the net surrounds an area 5.25 mus, every mus put in a suitable place to breed 16 kilograms of crab are planted (norms is 80 / kilogram) , mu produce be as high as 101 kilograms, time catch rate amount to 49.1 % , appear on the market 150 grams above occupies norms 90 % , among them 200 grams above occupies 50 % . At present the net surrounds a when raise crab to already became laky aquaculture to develop high yield, high grade, efficient fishery efficient way.