What problem should summertime management note into crab?
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Summertime weather is torrid, water is warm taller, to ensure river crab is safe estivate, raise survival rate, stimulative river crab grows quickly, it is important that the pond raises crab to manage working blame to be.
(1) strengthens water quality management to be in burning hot midsummer is seasonal, water of crab pool surface layer is warm can amount to 30 ℃ sometimes, grow to river crab adverse, water is warm 25 ℃ of 22 ~ are appropriate river crab grows. Water Wen Taigao, water quality easy aggravation, cause inadequacy of oxygen of water system dissolve, river crab leaves water put oneself in another's position in succession, climb Chi Po, photograph appetite to drop apparently, the influence grows. The summer should deepen Chi Shui, maintain control in 1.5 meters, drop pool water temperature. 5 ~ change water 7 days 1 times. Water is warm above of 33 ~ ℃ , 2 ~ are about 3 days to change water 1 times. The L / that changes Chi Shui every time 3, first water of eduction part pool, again compensatory new water. Fountainhead wants clean sanitation, without corrupt avirulent. The time that change water with the dusk advisable, unfavorable midday change water, in case hot water is burnable crab body. Fixed employ calx (dosage is 15 kilogram / 667 meters 2) , maintain PH to be worth 7.5 ~ 8.5.
(A person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of pool of crab of summer of 2) transplanting aquatic transplants earthnut of a few water hyacinth, water lecttuce, water float plant, bar with rope or bamboo pole. Become an aquatic to be able to rise shady drop in temperature action, provide shady and cool perch environment for river crab. In addition, black aquatic plants of grow impeller blade, bitter grass answers to wait in crab pool, so that river crab is photographed,be fed and avoid enemy kill. The covers range that take a poll L / of aquatic 3, should scoop up instantly to rusty water plants except, lest rot water quality, cause a bacteria.
(3) pays attention to bait makings to cast feed river crab to belong to polyphagia animal, feeding habits is extensive, to animal sex bait expects (wait like flesh of mussel of small impurities fish, shrimp, snail) special love, but tall meeting increases proportion of makings of animal sex bait breed cost, make water quality easily still exasperate. Because this summer increases makings of plant sex bait appropriately (wheaten, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin) put in fixed feed a stage to go up. The time that cast bait is in afternoon 17 when later, in the morning 6 when previously. Cast feed a quantity to be total weight 50% the left and right sides.
(4) does good " 4 prevent " job to hold to pond of daily time make one's rounds, prevent escape, guard against theft, prevent disease, prevent enemy kill. Summertime rain is much, want special attention. Prevent rainwater to shatter Chi Geng, create river crab flee to other place. Take strict precautions against enemy kill biology harm, the inroad that prevents mice, hydra to wait, adopt manpower to drive normally, the tool is caught, the method such as medicaments poison. The pond raises crab density taller, disease is more, answer to be given priority to in case. Discover river crab is not photographed feed, watch of decay of inactive, appendage, body has the sicken sign such as contamination, use medical treatment quickly, reduce river crab death, make sure river crab grows quickly.
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