What problem should river crab note during exuviate carapace?
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(1) every time before exuviate case comes, want to cast the formula feed that contains exuviate carapace element not only, carapace of exuviate of synchronism of do one's best, and the amount that must increase animal sex bait to expect, make animal sex bait expects scale occupies the 2 above of 1 / of the gross that cast bait, the happy event that carries bait material is fed and enough, eat soft carapace crab in order to prevent damage.
(2) discovers individual river crab already exuviate carapace, but douse calx water, every mus use calx 7.5 ~ 12.5 kilograms, after adding to hydrate oar, total pool douse.
(During 3) exuviate carapace, need to maintain water level stability, do not need to change water commonly.
(4) casts bait area and exuviate carapace area to must part strictly, forbidden bait makings puts in in exuviate carapace area, exuviate carapace area if water plant is little, should add deliver water plant, keep quiet.
(When pond of make one's rounds of 5) early morning, discover soft carapace crab, but pick up puts the of short duration in pail to raise 1 ~ 2 hours, wait for river crab bibulous go up sufficient, after can free formicate, ability replace former pool.