How to control the water quality of crab pool?
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2 age river crab likes to be in fresh water (salinity is under 0.5 ‰ ) , small alkalescent (nitrogen of PH7.5 ~ 8.5) , ammonia is low (total ammonia nitrogen is 0.2 ~ 0.5 milligram / rises) the life in water. After casting bait in great quantities, water quality easy fertilizer, besides planting water and grass, often change water, the water level that keeps certain is indispensable. Mix in winter normally 7 ~ September, average depth of water should carry pool water top water level (1.3 ~ 1.4 meters of) ; 4 ~ will be mixed in June 10 ~ in November, depth of water with 1 ~ 1.2 meters had better. Age two season are ordinary every 7 ~ change water 10 days, the 7 ~ of 1 / that the quantity that change water is system of pond total water 1 / 10; Every 3 ~ trade the summer 5 days water, the quantity that change water is 1 / 1 / of 3 ~ 5. When changing water, water is warm unfavorable more than 5 ℃ , change water quantity to should not be the 1 / that exceeds system of pond total water 2. Encounter following case, should mix in time to water change water:
(1) river crab photographs appetite to decrease apparently, river crab does not to disembark to enter the water by day, show Chi Shui is exasperate, answer to pour water instantly.
(2) successive overcast and rainy, fuggy, organic matter oxygen demand is big, oxygen of the dissolve in water is little, should pour water frequently, change water.
(3) is long fine not rain, increase water difficulty, but douse calx water, every mus 15 kilograms, after adding to hydrate oar total pool douse. Basically grow in river crab season is spilled 10 days every to half month normally.