With the pool becoming crab that river crab gives priority to, can you mix what
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The pond mixes raised principle is always with advocate the phyletic entirely that raises an object to there is contradiction on bait makings is not mixed raise. Accordingly, with the pool becoming crab that river crab gives priority to, cannot mix fish of the feeding habits that raise grass (triangular bream of grass carp, round head) , polyphagia fish (fish of carp, crucian carp, Luo Fei) , but can mix raise and fish of filter feeding habits (silver crap, variegated carp) with a few carnivorous sex fish (mandarin fish fish, Jiang Huang foreheading fish) . The purpose that mixes fish of the feeding habits that raise filter is the plankton in cleared water, prevent water quality to cross fertilizer. But because aquatic of river crab pool is much, chi Shui is thinner, reason is mixed raise an amount to should not be much. Normally every mus mix the silver crap that raises 100 grams of 50 ~ , variegated carp to plant 80 end of 40 ~ (scale of silver crap, variegated carp is 5: 1) .
Carry out a proof, in the pool that become crab, mix raise a few mandarin fish fish, can use the wild miscellaneous fish inside the pond not only, in order to reduce the loss of feed, and mandarin fish fish won't carnage river crab. Normally every mus raise crab pool, will put in a suitable place to breed June fish of Xia Hua mandarin fish (3 ~ 5 centimeters) 10~20 end, its are mixed raise density to inspect amount of pool infield miscellaneous fish and increase and decrease. Before the pond below fish of summerly beautiful mandarin fish, must dipping disinfection, prevent pool of interfuse of fish of mandarin fish of in spite of illness inside. To the end of the year, in those days mandarin fish fish can grow to 300 ~ the commodity norms of 600 grams.
The pool that raise crab cannot be mixed raise turtle. Turtle is very feral, the soft carapace crab after carapace of river crab exuviate is the optimal bait makings of turtle, turtle is the pool that raise crab enemy kill live thing, cannot mix raise. Cannot mix in the pool that raise crab foster bead river mussel. Water quality of the pool that raise crab is thin, river mussel grows slow, and river mussel itself is river crab very be fond of the stuff of animal sex bait that eat, river crab often try every means preys the axe of river mussel is sufficient, cause death of Yo bead mussel.