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10 strides tear apart a crab suddenly (the crab has a way)
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8 1 feet that cut off a crab, include two tongs, put cool hind among them flesh will be automatic as apart as crab carapace, be being given very easily by disclose is even by epispastic, because this wants to stay,wait for will eat finally;

2 crab attack by surprise (namely a small lid of crab navel part, figure of crab of fair crab mother is different) take out, take advantage of an opportunity opens crab lid;

3 eat crab to cover a part first, with small spoon the bail out of crab stomach part among, gently will outside suck of lapping the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is clean. Attention, do not want suck to defeat that shows trigonometry taper crab stomach intermediate, answer to discard its;

4 eat crab lid to be turn for crab body, use mouth of the crab foot with will redundant scissors, crab and crab lung to cut off first;

The 5 handles that use spoon crab body among show a winkle of hexagonal account other people to come, that is crab heart part, discard;

6 with small spoon dip dot vinegar drenchs go up in crab body, cream the crab of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of crab body next eat clean;

7 crab body is broken two half, become filar crab flesh it is thus clear that right now. Want to be ripped down crab foot only, can tear open crab flesh piece. Taking clean crab case is complete submit translucent form;

8 cut crab leg into 3 cut with scissors, most end tiptoe of a crab can act as tool. Use a crab tiptoe is fine that flesh disclose crab leg middle first, a reoccupy crab tiptoe is thick that crab leg before paragraph fleshy disclose comes out;

9 divide crab clamp 3 paragraphs, before two paragraphs can cut open crab carapace directly, with flesh of spoon bail out. That final forceps, skill is to cut open both sides, break two clamp leg toward opposite way with the hand next, clamp carapace parted thoroughly;

10 eat a law to take the crab case that come out with this, although may not spells the form that returns a crab thoroughly come, however also elaborate gets consecution trenchant, filar flesh not remnant. Eat crab carapace to wash a hand, drink the ginger tea of on one cup of warm happy and harmonious again, the time of a meal takes a crab, also feel wine full meal is full. <

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