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Complete crab banquet -- eat purely
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Article crab, admire the crab, crab that chant, read crab to already made the China is the most wonderful 5000 part in dietary culture, people creates the crab banquet cate that gives full of beautiful things in eyes not only, still write down countless beautiful Shi Ciwen odes from this. "Did not know in relief settleclear ashamed to eye, do not feed crab disappoint abdomen " , "Chela of the red that jump over crab is beautiful, wu Chun violet crab is fat " ... word words and expressions sentence drew up the boundless lasting appeal of crab flood season. Pass through line, think those flourishing in former days downtown streets, how hanging the wine long narrow flag of apricot yellow color high, how floating the delicacy of crab raw meat or fish of intoxicate is sweet.

Formula of crab of in relief settleclear lake:

Recommend reason: Crab willow sanded law is flesh of the willow that use crab, grapefruit, orange flesh and condiment mix with the method of type of southeast Asia dish, the fragrance of the little taste of crab and fruit is perfect be united in wedlock, delicious and goluptious, pure and fresh tastily, this head in similar Western-style food dish, it is a appetizing dish.

A thick soup of emperor of crab flesh sea is a confluence in dish of raise of the Huaihe River " Wen Sidou corrupt " practice and the dish of make it, taste, a kind of very delicate salty little taste, two words " bright " and " slip " , enough lets sample its person " drunk " on a few seconds.

Crab handleless cup is the dish that points to make it of the carapace that use crab, also call crab to fight, in housing " hide " of the move is crab meat, thing of the filar in the saucer is on the side in dish of raise of the Huaihe River call " artful fruit " , spring pancake is used when eating (namely face skin) the bag is worn eat, in a few seconds after it enters the mouth, a kind of chic sweet meeting refresh your old times all taste bud.

Crab of in relief settleclear lake included in the formula a pair, its enough lets your too impatient to wait want to break crab case, good make immediateness of flesh and blood detached, in entrance of ground of satisfy a craving is will delicious the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, whole whole crab flesh a place of strategic importance, and those who dip in is Zhenjiang is age sweet vinegar, because so unapt too acerbity, can affect the glossal bud perception to crab flesh otherwise.

Sheng of bamboo of wine of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab was to use Zhu Sheng's poriferous characteristic, in making the delicacy of crab meat sweet permeate the sheng that enter bamboo, in tooth and the instant that they contact, a kind of completely different qualitative feeling and stretch immediateness are diffuse.

Finally is a thick soup of ginger tea tremella together, slant because of the crab cold, warm warm intestines and stomach comes with ginger tea commonly after eating, ground of the innovation in ginger tea joins tremella here, make a thick soup, added moist part naturally.
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