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Of crab have one of ways: Drunk crab
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Make up drunk fluid, drunk dew above all, comprise with refined salt, green, Laojiang, cassia bark, anise, Chinese prickly ash " drunk fluid " , use boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake into boiler, boil moment a bit, scoop up green ginger cassia bark to wait, filter with gauze eliminate impurity, in clean altar falling after refrigeration, make with wine of white sugar, gourmet powder, broomcorn again " drunk dew " , will drunk dew enters divide evenly of the agitate in drunk fluid altar. Next reconditioning crab crab, take hale work in water of short duration is raised after the crab is abluent two to 3 days, change water everyday, to eliminate the contamination inside crab body. Fish for next place let a crab spit dry moisture, put a few refined salt to wait moment a bit inside crab hilum again. Finally, can put the crab into altar and all immersion, sealed it is OK to save 10 days edible.

Attention: The content of the salt in drunk fluid cannot under 20 % .