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Of the crab have a way
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The crab has 3 kind splanchnic it is inedible: Cheek lung, stomach, bowel, when eating, must want to clear. The semmetry of shape of cheek lung detailed of crab distributings crab body both sides. Near the crab mouth that the stomach builds in crab, be enclothed by the ovary and digestive glands of the crab. Bowel is located in on the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of crab body, submit 5 horn form thin thin. Be sure to keep in mind, this 3 play art must dry, greatly harmful to human body.

Crab sex is cold, persimmon, beer cannot eat together with the crab. Want drinking word, had better be liquor. The flesh of the crab contains rich protein, persimmon contains tan to pledge, crab and persimmon eat together can cause protein caky, cause alvine spasm.

As the senior public figure that has a crab, my having a way is such, turn over bottom lid, connecting a crab back to also pare together, crab creams fizzle out to be shown in at the moment, with the chopstick carefully cream yellow denude comes, dip in the condiment that goes up to get ready already, put into the mouth, chew slowly. Eat good crab in the back cream yellow, receive go down to be about to eat crab meat, break the crab into first two half, take an in part first, eat next additional half. If have a tool, can the flesh gently get rid of comes down, with toothpick or the chopstick goes. If do not think too troublesome, that dips in whole crab body on condiment is being bitten eat, this should have cooperated with respect to the tongue that needs you and tooth, or crunch do not eat to give flavour to come. Have a body, begin to have crab leg now, this is compared with respect to difficulty tall. Won't eater, likely crab leg a few chew, next residual spit will finish sth. I lean, this is too wasteful. The flesh in crab leg is the most delicious, especially ham. Same, if have a tool, first the bicephalous cut away each, perhaps place broken, dip in next on condiment, hold one end with the hand, put into the mouth, gently whiff, whole crab flesh is in your mouth, bright? Finally is ham, this is harder, not quite good do, my tooth is hard it is of course with what bite, hey. Had better be to use appropriative small hammer, knock gently, strike hull, but unapt knock the flesh in broken ham.
Why of the crab splanchnic cannot eat, because,be splanchnic stockpile of heavy metal and so on east, ate more the meeting is toxic. You think, crab lives in where, what it eats is what A.

Why cannot drink beer, because the crab is the thing with cold sex, its double branchial between have a hexagonal white thing, it is the stomach of the crab, allegedly very cold cool. Just, beer also is the thing of cold sex, cold on add cold, easy have loose bowels, should drink yellow rice or millet wine or alcohol so, sex of these two kinds of wine is hot, if raise one's wine cup lukewarm one better.

Why don't I support those who drink yellow rice or millet wine? Although Shanghai Suzhou here the person drinks yellow rice or millet wine, but, they do not like to drink alcohol originally, this crab is two things. The flavour of yellow rice or millet wine, can mask the little taste of crab. So, still be white public house
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