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Crab N is planted have a way
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Tell eat a crab, it is a kind of seasonal enjoyment absolutely, ceng Zandao of Li Bai of Tang Dynasty poet: "Crab chela namely golden fluid, flooey grave is a fabled abode of immortals. And wine of the beauty that need water, take month of drunk tall stand " . As we have learned, this year the price of the crab slightly under last year, can Tao guests miss this how big fast an inning of cheek?

Common saying says: "Autumn wind rises, crab foot is urticant, october of round in September hilum is pointed. " its " round " , " pointed " those who point to is crab hilum (bottom) , hilum of mother crab crab presents a circle and have horizontal grain alternate with, will want to eat female crab in September, at this moment full flesh of female the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is thick; October should eat male crab, at this moment hilum of male crab crab shows sharp contrast, cream sufficient flesh firm. So, after all how does the crab have ability best? What to carry a crab to have to pay attention to again? Let us be solved one by one for you.

The N of the crab is planted have a
Steamed crab

This is the method with the most classical crab, this kind of practice basically highlights raw ingredient of crab former juice, the quality that utmost ground maintains a crab, can sweet, flavour. The desk on the clerk of hotel of Pearl River spring's good evaporate crab end, orange color of crab colour and lustre is yellow, fleshy delicacy is sweet beautiful. Turn over bottom lid, connecting a crab back to also pare together, cream aureately in crab back fizzle out to be shown in at the moment, carefully cream yellow denude comes, irrigate on vinegar, put into the mouth, fine fine ground is savoured, chew slowly, it is as expected " the banquet on crab flesh 100 flavour are weak " ah.

A condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt fries crab

This dish suits go with wine very much. Will fresh clean crab stripping and slicing, use dip of green, ginger, cooking wine a few minutes, pull pink to issue oily boiler blast to come golden, add the braise such as bean curd, ginger, green, salt, soy to give taste can. Alcoholic drink distributing best when eating is yellow rice or millet wine, and in yellow rice or millet wine with high-grade Shaoxing optimal. Also can match a cup icy cool beer, fine the crab that tastes contemporary gust.

Crab soup is soggy east leaf mustardleaf mustard

Boil boiling water with the crab first, have this kind next of local characteristic when greens dip arrives in crab soup, the mustard with fragile bright also contains little taste. This method is lighter, before been taste eat to had not suited again after a few kinds of crabs.

Rice of crab meat of raise of the Huaihe
The crab that there is a tangerine on rice child, the line of set each other off of crab each other that follows tangerine, look very attract. Cream crab flesh, crab winkle comes, add chopped green onion, with crab child, rice a mix is even. There is tangerine in reeky meal, eat into the mouth fine fine mastication, each light crab sweet smell gives fully in rice. Chef says, evaporate crab had better be the quick-freeze in putting crab to freezer half hour, such evaporate when crab won't ambulate, evaporate comes out the ovary and digestive glands of the crab also won't come loose. But rice of crab meat of the raise that do the Huaihe River should allow crab activity technically, crab and meal an evaporate, ooze of juice letting crab arrives in the meal.
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