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Of crab have a way: Sell
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This is best have a way. Choose a big, limbs the crab of in relief settleclear lake with complete, strong vigor, put in clear water abluent, plunge into two clincher of the crab and 8 legs with rope or grass become round state closely, lie between water steam into boiler ripe. Also can put in water to thoroughly cook. A few ginger, purple perilla, yellow rice or millet wine, salt can be put to be boiled together to it when next boiler, can hibernate go raw meat or fish. Deserve to go up when edible oneself are elaborate the sauce of modulation and yellow rice or millet wine, can flavor already drive raw meat or fish, can a string of 1 completely again those who give crab of in relief settleclear lake is delicate.

When evaporate boils crab, want to notice: Boil 20 minutes again even at least after water leaves.