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Of the crab have a way 2
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The it may be said having a way of the crab is varied, multifarious. Compare with the photograph of be the rage of sweet hot crab, steamed crab it may be said is long house all corners of the country, long fill do not decline. Because people samples,crab is to taste its mostly delicious raw ingredient has, and its way is simple, the family can be enjoyed.

Do " steamed crab " want a crab only abluent, with line general its pitch, the evaporate that enter boiler is ripe but. To hold the former juice raw ingredient of crab, evaporate what is appropriate to the occasion uses steam box and should not be with salver.

Drunk crab also is common have a way, put crab into clear water to place two days, carry from inside water again piece place a day not to feed water, in using wine fill to enter the mouth next, add right amount salt, cooking wine, green, ginger, candy, load small mouth jar to build sealed, buy enters freezer cold storage, one week later can direct edible. Yi Ke stews chicken with drunk crab or breast is columbine, its soup juice is full-bodied, nutrition is rich.

A condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt fries crab to distribute alcoholic drink can be perfect combination. Will fresh clean crab stripping and slicing, use dip of green, ginger, cooking wine a few minutes, pull pink to issue oily boiler blast to come golden, add the braise such as bean curd, ginger, green, salt, soy to give taste can. Alcoholic drink distributing best when eating is yellow rice or millet wine, and in yellow rice or millet wine with high-grade Shaoxing optimal. Also can match a cup icy the crab that cool beer tastes a contemporary gust!

Green fries the grumous flavour of crab and crab of Chi any of several hot spice plants to be able to make person appetite soars. If like a bit Western-style local color, can issue sauce of a few XO, the noodle on crab lower berth, classical harbor type method.

The king crab in crab: Raw ingredient eats VS to mix acetic juice

Annual when crab is fat, in relief settleclear lake rinses the crab is the crab that everybody contends for surely necessarily. Green back, white abdomen, complete claw, Huang Mao, put oneself in another's position is strong, the flesh is qualitative delicate and delicious, enjoy " the king in crab " good name. The traditional method of authentic crab is to steam, basically highlight the original shape raw ingredient of crab, orange color of colour and lustre is yellow, crab flesh is delicious, reason has again " the banquet on crab flesh 100 flavour are weak " view.

Haitian place crab produces a division on around, arrived Qiu Dong, with respect to active source ceaseless fresh crab is supplied, crab banquet can eat to spend the New Year from September moment; And Guangzhou produces a division from crab further, can eat in October only normally. "October of round in September hilum is pointed, hold crab to enjoy chrysanthemum chrysanthemum day " , means the traditional Chinese calendar is female in September crab most fat, male crab of October of the traditional Chinese calendar most fat, and Shanghai person still loves to be by September, October head when, archives of crab composition husband and wife, enjoy in couples in couples.
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