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The crab has a way 6 kinds
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Foreign crab pricks a body east
Does the crab prick a body you whether never heard of before? Thorn body source achieves this crab to eat a law raw from crab of Japanese Hokkaido wool, lubricious delicacy is delicious, and the way is simple. Immerse with clear wine and salt first crab body, with cleared bacterium. Deserve to reach a few ginger bead with Zhenjiang vinegar again, go in order to monarch the algidity of crab body. It is reported, with 39 heavy crabs boil is boiled mix most flavour.
With makings exposure: Hot vinegar juice is the soul of crab thorn body, by mustard Mo, Japan black vinegar of white chrysanthemum vinegar, lemon vinegar, Zhenjiang and Jiang Li are mixed make and become.

Brake crab boiler is burned play a side
the crab, pull a face to be boiled simultaneously, is flavour met how? Eat a bowl delicate and goluptious " brake crab boiler is burned play a side " as clear as day. According to hearing, crab of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine pulls the inspiration of the face to come from Japan " crab child burn a face " , the practice is crab soup, crab roll a face, drench again on egg sauce ticks off Ci. Look be like simple, actually the practice observes and study, requirement every measure can the be in harmony of bright balm flavour that will pull face and crab collects be well versed in, produce the effect of former juice raw ingredient adequately.
With makings exposure: Brake crab pulls the most wonderful part to depend on what play a tooth tastily playing a side, match with Qing Dynasty sweet the crab of little taste creams soup, double and delicate! Go up in face upper berth again the burden such as bead of crab willow, Niu Yousu rice, dry green, bean sprouts, make a person simply covet 3 feet!

Wing of emperor of brake crab emperor
Fim spells a crab may be the costliest, the most extravagant feed a law. The originality of wing of whole brake crab evolves by crab emperor wing and become, just abandon cream crab and change a crab to cream. Such commutation, make its sell photograph and mouthfeel to applaud exceptionally unexpectedly. The crab on Gou Chilin creams Ci, let cream sweet slowly in infiltration wing, flavour is full-bodied and relaxed, its temptation makes a person enrol cannot sustain.
With makings exposure: Wing of emperor of the Supreme Being just as its name implies is the highest grade in the wing. Main raw material is golden hill Gou Chi and two crabs of moderate volume, use ham of frog flesh, gold China and lean lean additionally to boil stew to expect.

Curry crab
Like to eat hot friend to have gourmet's luck, this " curry crab " will hot to your on wings! Curry crab has powerful curry faint scent already, have the little melting taste of the crab again, simply " " disastrous. According to chef introduction, the flavour of curry crab is such Gan Xiang, black, Qing Sharen was joined in profit from juice two kinds of burden.
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