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Differentiate crab quickly Ji of 4 big secret
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Whether to drop hand: Put in the hand not to sink.
Press claw to work in order to check the flesh of crab character with the hand sordid.
Crab creams enough much, criterion the tail end with crab full or top grade is since beat.
If crab creams bright-coloured, crab hilum both sides can give red fully (travel 內 common says " red imprint " ) , belong to good crab.

Buy crab knowledge

How to carry crab? Of thick lines say, crab is gotten certainly fresh, must choose work certainly so. Size is OK, but must weigh. Because the mother's the ovary and digestive glands of the crab is much, so of the mother better.

According to the person introduction of know the business, choose crab to want subtly " 5 look " : See crab case. Every carapace carries darkly green on the back, contain light, it is the flesh thick husky; Housing carries those who show yellow on the back, mostly more emaciated. 2 see navel. Navel protruding comes out, one creams fat fat is full; Sunken go in, mostly fat body is insufficient. 3 see chela sufficient. Every chela is sufficient go up downy and fascicular, chela is sufficient old be good at; And chela is sufficient without nap, criterion put oneself in another's position is weak without. 4 see vigor. Turn over crab face about, abdominal day day, can use sting quickly sufficient play turn break up, vigor is strong, can save; Cannot break up, vigor is poor, the time that deposit cannot grow. 5 treat hero female. The traditional Chinese calendar 8, female crab is carried in September, will choose male crab afterwards in September, because crab of male and female parts to mature in sexual gland of these two moment, flavor nutrition is optimal. Study carefully and consult this " 5 look " , can choose high grade crab from inside numerous crab come out.

"Did not know in relief settleclear ashamed to eye, do not feed crab disappoint abdomen " . The crab all along of in relief settleclear lake is praise highly getting a person, be by analogy " the king in crab " , feed call " in the middle of " . But the crab of lake of pinchbeck Yang Cheng on the market is absent a few, although producing area gave it to wear the ring that prevent bogus to distinguish in order to show, can who can make sure this ring cannot be forged again? Introduce according to having the aquatic product expert of experience, place of extraordinary of crab of in relief settleclear lake has 4 big characteristics: It is green back, crab carapace becomes green gray, flowing and luster; 2 it is white abdomen, the navel that sticks mud, carapace is glittering and translucent and white, without black stain; 3 it is Huang Mao, the hair of crab leg is long and yellow, root root is forceful; 4 it is golden claw, crab claw is golden, strong and strong, put on glass can 8 sufficient stand firm, double chela rise high into the air.

Have crab experience

The person that know crab, must eat that day crab, the crab that lie between a day is met lose flavour. Average person may not eat what to give child Chou Yinmao, and the person that know crab knows, vivid crab is not fresh crab certainly. The person that have experience, enter crab place freezer, 10 days and still live, it is angular only a lot of, the flesh wants laches naturally also character a lot of. That day crab, the flesh is clingy go up in housing, have very much bite a mouth; Lie between day crab dehydrate, fleshy case is separate, the flesh is dry.
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