Crab practice - curry spends crab
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Curry spends crab
Material: Beautiful crab 2, onion 1, green 1 root, ginger 1, lettuce leaf 2, Liu Ding 1, chili 2, amylaceous and right amount
Flavoring: A. Salt is 1 small spoon, white pepper a few, wine 1 big spoonB. Salt 2 small spoon, candy 1 big spoon, wine 1 big spoon, curry powder 2 big spoon
1, beautiful crab is abluent go splanchnic, build crab complete pare, crab abdomen cuts chunk, take green, a surname break be soiled; bloats in putting beautiful crab together with A makings
2, onion cuts into shreds, liu Ding section, chili cuts small lozenge, the beautiful crab with ginger good souse touchs a few too whitening, enter oily boiler deepfry, take out reserve;
3, boiler having oil fries sweet onion silk, after rejoin B makings fries a curry fragrance with small fire, arrive to work together into 1 cup of water and crab burn, burn close to Shang Zhikuai thin Gorgon euryale is ticked off when working.