Crab practice - Bao of crab winter pink
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Bao of crab winter pink
Material: Big sanded fair crab 1, wintry pink 1, Bailuo predicts 20 grams of 20 grams, red turnip, green 1 root, ginger 1
Flavoring: A. Saline 1/2 small spoon, wine 1 big spoon, white pepper a fewB. Salt 1 small spoon, candy, wine 1 big spoon, sanded tea sauce 2 big spoon
1. crab is abluent go splanchnic, build crab complete pare, crab abdomen cuts chunk, take green, a surname break and A makings is put into beautiful crab to bloat together be soiled; is white, red turnip section, ginger section, green is cut paragraph reserve
2. will bloat the crab with good floodwater on low-lying land touchs a few too whitening, enter oily boiler deepfry, take out reserve
Oily boiler explodes since 3. sweet Jiang Pian, green paragraph, rejoin B expects, white, red turnip piece reach 2 cups of water and crab to burn tasty together, arrive in earthenware pot, put wintry pink add to boil, the pink that wait for a winter is boiled can