Crab practice - crab of peppery turnip approach
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According to " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account: Crab has disappear of stomach of gas of easy muscle beneficial, manage to feed, sth resembling a net of stimulate the menstrual flow, medicinal powder all heat, medicinal powder the effect of Yu blood, the Shang Zuizi of red crab Bao that chooses fat has not filled. Preexistence joins a turnip to use slow fire stew one hour in old turkey soup, rejoin red crab and peppery, boil to crab ripe. The turnip permeated thick chicken broth little sweet taste, now and then revealing peppery small hot. All material supplement each other, red crab creams soft flesh is thick, go into the autumn wet one's whistle that contains a lot ofa vitamin blindly with peppery and turnip, perfect collocation boiling water of wind old fire, the season of dry works in autumn wind, ladies are enjoyed had not suited most. At this moment, come red wine of a cup of high-grade Shaoxing, companion with golden flesh crab, it is life to be enjoyed greatly!