How to know river crab will exuviate carapace?
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On production, whether does judgement river crab want exuviate case, can use the following method:
(Look of body of the river crab before 1) examines case of lubricious exuviate of river crab body is close, show cinnamon or black Brown, the condition is sufficient hard, breastplate scale (cinnamon) much. And after exuviate carapace, quality of river crab style becomes weak, breastplate white, anhydrous becomes rusty, the condition is sufficient soft.
(2) sees size of river crab norms (it is premise in order to put in a suitable place to breed the crab of identical norms is planted) 20 % increase before the carapace after exuviate carapace grows the mec housing that compare exuviate, and weight is one times closer than growing before exuviate carapace. Growing when the examination, in catching the group that give, if discovered form the river crab with light color of big, body, show river crab already began exuviate case.
(If the empty crab carapace after 3) sees area of pond exuviate carapace and decharge place whether have exuviate case discovers available carapace, show river crab already began exuviate case namely.
(4) examination river crab eats feed circumstance river crab not to eat before exuviate carapace feed. If discovery casts bait hind these days, the surplus surplus that bait expects increases greatly, if did not inspect young plant giving crab, make clear river crab be about to exuviate carapace.