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The deadbeat of in relief this year settleclear lake relatively in former years

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Origin: Oriental morning paper

Annual the last ten-day of a month will begin in October, crab main forces is fed toward in relief settleclear lake before this city " volley of 10 thousand arrows " . Morning paper reporter understands from village of crab of much home of Shanghai field and place of in relief settleclear lake yesterday, wait for a reason as a result of economic depression this year, the deadbeat of in relief settleclear lake relatively in former years is little already two into.

Morning paper reporter visited the discovery when on Shanghai many supermarket, brand shop and free market of agricultural products yesterday, crab of in relief settleclear lake sale status is not hopeful. The staff member expresses, sales volume of crab of in relief this year settleclear lake dropped at least than last year 1/3.

It is good last year that crab of in relief settleclear lake sells so that be inferior to, and the business that lakefront takes crab got affect as much. Crab village is bristly near road of north of ancient city of elder brother hill, arrived to have crab season, here often heavy traffic. Manage the Gu Genlin with crab old place of business to tell morning paper the reporter here nevertheless, although the circumstance this year returns justifiable, but eat crab main forces to want on the whole little two into the left and right sides, appreciably appears than in former years cold and cheerless.

Many crab village bosses express, actually crab bank business becomes poor had been anticipation in, on one hand macroeconomic environment is stagnant, a lot of people not car of drive of be willing to part with or use comes lakefront eats crab, on the other hand, crab market competition is intense now, many nonlocal crab is crowded also occupied crab of in relief settleclear lake originally the market. At the same time many bosses say frankly, "False crab is very much, affected everybody's business, see plus everybody crab village has profit, come in succession lakefront set up shop, original comer is little, another is dispersive, it seems that more cold and cheerless. It seems that more cold and cheerless..

Occupy crab farming introduction, fiery of business of crab of settleclear lake of this world of in former years, a 20 mus surface can yield 130 thousand go to 140 thousand yuan, and this one word has decreased this year 30 thousand go to 40 thousand yuan. Disclose according to a crab farming, best this year surface just also earns 50 thousand go to 60 thousand yuan, it is certain to still have even proportional crab farming had begun lose money in business this year.

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