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Crab of lake of Nanjing solid city calls board this world settleclear lake into

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Hu Xiaogong) yesterday, government of Nanjing Gao Chun county announces in Beijing, a crab of lake of 9 solid city leaves to interlink inn in Beijing.

Huang Yiwu of subprefect of county of Nanjing tall honest introduces, of crab of solid city lake " 5 all-round " include, river of monitor of the first the first organic crab of countrywide, state is China cloth with soft nap chela crab is planted formerly zoology of the first crab of field, whole nation breeds a standard, aquatic product of the first complete province kind crab of chela of cloth with soft nap of China of famous label and level of the first state is standardized.

A brand shop boss introduces, deal of lowest of crab of solid city lake is 4 a two, every 45 yuan, and the price of crab of lake of 2 class Yang Cheng of two is the commonnest 3-4 138 yuan / jin.

Origin: Capital times

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