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Par crab day sells 10 thousand kilograms of Changsha to will run red-letter day

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Ma Wang piles section of first brake crab to issue heavy curtain at falling yesterday, "Producing area is sold continuously, par eats crab " theme, make ten million average citizen family is in today Qiu Qi enjoyed delicate brake crab sumptuous dinner, sales volume of most crab of a day of brake is as high as 10 thousand kilograms, the brake crab price of field of the Changsha City also from this whole is pulled low 3-4 is become.

In former years, the crab is too high to reach in people look. On September 26, the section of first brake crab that in Ma Wang terminal market of caboodle seafood aquatic product kicks off, however brake crab mysterious " veil " tear down, each crab that big lake produces is in countrywide each district this is sold continuously with factory price, 35 150 grams are heavy yuan / , 20 100 grams are heavy yuan / , buy 2 send one, buy send the sales promotion of one kind, more let a person drop broken glasses. Ma Wang piles Fang Wenkai of manager of terminal market of seafood aquatic product to tell a reporter, market day all makes work crab amounts to 6000 kilograms, most a long time crosses 10 thousand kilograms. Not only the crab price of market itself is low, because equestrian king caboodle assumed whole Changsha market,the seafood aquatic product of 80% is supplied, price of Changsha whole crab also becomes loose from this.

Be worth what carry is, because the brake crab red-letter day with such all ready, large-scale breed is run in Hunan or first time, after and other places of river of Yang Hu of big lake of in relief settleclear lake, hole front courtyard, lake, Po, red water hears the news, the brake crab of countrywide each district in succession " climb " to Changsha. Crab of Hunan mainland brake had the opportunity of show one's face in public eventually, benefit a lot. Ceng Jianbo of minister of department of trade of aquatic product of peace of beneficial this world is great lake tells a reporter, although sell as far as to Beijing, Hong Kong, but oneself brake crab does not have sales volume basically in Changsha. Ceng Jianbo says, because of Changsha of producing area vicinity, carriage cost loss of low, journey is small also much, nature of price of crab of the big switch that connect a lake is low. Between half many month, they can sell everyday give many kilograms of 500 crab, it is 5 times of in former years.

Ma Wang piles Yin Shijun of produce Inc. vise general manager to told a reporter yesterday, this year is section of first brake crab, want every year to do later. Introduce according to him, after, equestrian king caboodle will consider to wait for seasonal landed aquatic product to run a red-letter day for the theme with fish of ricefield eel, water, those who let a citizen " food basket " richer, more substantial.

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