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Crab of in relief settleclear lake sells hasten in Shanghai cold

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Cool autumn wind " blow ripe " the crab in Yang Cheng lake. Nevertheless, the reporter interviewed discovery in market of this city aquatic product yesterday, get the influence of near future economic situation, the sales volume of the crab drops somewhat. This is in relief this year settleclear lake 300 tons of crabs " infestation " Shanghai increased difficulty.

"These days, we fill in in relief settleclear lake goods. " yesterday, agency of crab of an in relief settleclear lake of Shanghai says to the reporter, the weather of settleclear lake of at present this world no longer burning hot, each district agency has driven Yang Cheng to the lake, urgent " overgrow " water of crab fish out. To this, yang Weilong of chairman of guild of settleclear lake crab tells Suzhou this world the reporter, as the fall of air temperature, the crab since yesterday greeted autumn, "These days, it is the optimal turn that takes crab. It is the optimal turn that takes crab..

The reporter understands, consider the impact of zoology environment this year, the round area of crab of in relief settleclear lake reduced 50 thousand mus. Yang Weilong expresses, local crop amounted to 2100 tons last year, but estimation can maintain the level in 1500 tons of above only this year, "This is nearly 10 years of Lai Yangcheng a lake crab crop is least year. " nevertheless, those who consider Shanghai is crab of in relief settleclear lake all the time " buy the home greatly " , still control in 300 tons to the supply of Shanghai this year, with kept balance last year.

The crab of in relief settleclear lake again " ambitious " the ground marchs Shanghai, can receive them it is the citizen is chased after ardently no longer probably hold in both hands. The reporter was in yesterday cupreous plain road interviews discovery, although be double,rest day, come the citizen that this carries crab is not much. Many Xiaolao board feel, crab business was done hard. In copper an aquatic product on face of plain region market goes, counterjumper is knitting brows to say, the sales volume this year is closer than dropping last year 3 into, "Often one day 1000 yuan also do not earn. " analysis of a crab boss thinks, the economic life of crab and citizen is close together and relevant, "Now, the stock market no longer prosperous, international economic situation is bad also, the person nature that buys crab is little. The person nature that buys crab is little..

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