The crab is first-run this year cheapen greatly highest drop amount to 29 %
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Crab of the first batch of in relief settleclear lakes is driven before the Mid-autumn Festival to appear on the market this year, let justice black citizen taste delicacy not only, the businessman also took the chance to sell a good price. Yesterday morning reporter from justice black the city zone brand shop of crab of a few in relief settleclear lakes understands, after the Mid-autumn Festival passes, crab sales volume drops apparently, see inaccessibly a few days ago exceed big crab price to still be reduced considerably.
The reporter rinses from the in relief settleclear lake that is located in chemical road crab course of study understands, first-run this year depreciating crab basically is given priority to with exceeding big crab, weight is in the crab under 150 grams, price change is not big. During the Mid-autumn Festival, every kilograms sell 536 yuan 5 two fair crab, reduce now reach every kilograms 376 yuan, fall achieve 29% ; The 4.5 fair crab of two, also from every kilograms 376 yuan fall reach 316 yuan, consumer relatively crab of endearment 3.3 two mothers, from every kilograms 496 yuan fall reach 416 yuan.
Ma Fuxiang of chief of this crab estate tells a reporter, as Yang Cheng lake crab batch appears on the market the drawing near of the day, at present the crab appears on the market estimate apparent increase, and after passing mid-autumn, market sales volume presents fall after a rise again, the businessman enlarges sales volume mostly through moving low case. This build exceeds big crab to move price range bigger, its reason is these crab build great value is expensive, consumptive group is narrow. The reporter is being written in course of study of clear water crab " 250 grams fair crab " the conveniently in cistern grabs say twice, sufficient have 560 grams, if press present price computation, be about only 94 yuan.
Occupy Ma Fuxiang to analyse, "National Day " and " heavy this world " coming, the section is the sale busy season of of all kinds aquatic product during day, although meantime also can greet the batch of the crab to appear on the market, but as " heavy this world " around crab the ovary and digestive glands of the crab becomes harder and harder, quality is better and better, consumption also can increase, when arriving will appear very hard to depreciate because of be begged for be more than and be being caused.

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