Crab of in relief settleclear lake lands Guangzhou formally
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"Autumn wind rises, crab fat. " be known as " the king in crab " the table that crab of Yang Cheng lake comes to formally to Guangzhou person. Yesterday, guild of crab of settleclear lake of Suzhou city this world creates distribute spot in Guangzhou first. It is reported, crab of in relief this year settleclear lake somewhat reduction of output, market value rises to become the left and right sides, odd the price goes to 120 yuan in 10 yuan between. Association controller warns a citizen yesterday, buy authentic crab to want to see distribute nod above all " crab card " , crab tongs should look to go up when buying " golden ring " , judge its through short message reply next true bogus.

The price rises 10% the most expensive every 118 yuan

"I feel the crab that compares other place is delicious. " yesterday, supermarket of happy in the home blessing the distribute of crab of in relief settleclear lake of square inn orders 10 thousand states, the citizen Huang Xiufen that comes from ongoing journey samples at the same time the crab stands at the same time removed thumb to praise. The reporter interviews discovery, "Old wide " enthusiasm eating crab is quite tall, many people express to eat be used to crab, but still be the crab that the head eats Yang Cheng lake. "The ovary and digestive glands of the crab how so much, the smell of crab flesh is a bit sweet still, it is deserve the reputations one enjoys really. " according to Suzhou city this world Shen Xuexing of secretary-general of guild of settleclear lake crab introduces, "Fall south " all of crab of in relief settleclear lake of Guangzhou is detected by Suzhou city quality the material such as green to nitro- furan, malachite, chloromycetin undertook the branch detect. The reporter understands, the sale price component that crab of in relief settleclear lake nods in Guangzhou distribute at present is low, medium, 3 kinds high, among them the cheapest for crab of 2 two the following mothers, price is 11.80/ , the most expensive for crab of 3.5 two mothers, price is 118 yuan / , other be in every 10 multivariate to 100 yuan between. Whole market price promotes 10% above than last year.

Buy crab to be able to send true and false of differentiate of mobile phone short message on the spot

How to discern the true and false of crab of in relief settleclear lake? Shen Xuexing says, crab of lake of authentic Yang Cheng adorns on tongs have " golden ring " , it is the mark that prevent bogus, it is one crab indicates, if wear,is ring in other position or much place, surely the holiday is undoubted. When consumer is buying crab of in relief settleclear lake, can identify true and false through sending mobile phone short message on the spot. Key in with the mobile phone " golden ring " the 12 digit word that inner ring shows, send to " golden ring " the special short message that appoints on outer lane receives order, customer can come according to short message reply of the system differentiate true bogus.
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