Settleclear lake crab longs for Suzhou city this world " straight boat "
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The two sides of the Taiwan Straits on the weekend of charter flight start strengthened not only travel culture communicates between the mainland and Taiwan, and also hopeful is carried for cross-strait special local product offer convenient.

Crab of settleclear lake of this world of Jiangsu province Suzhou carries past Taiwan always passes Hong Kong transfer, reentrance Taiwan market. While waste carries cost, reduce the fresh mouthfeel of the crab easily also. Crab farming hope removes through straight boat " poisonous crab " " factitious element " , make hopeful of crab of in relief settleclear lake is in today autumn return Taiwan market.

It is reported, taiwan is the main market that crab of in relief settleclear lake sells all the time, the amount that in former years sells past Taiwan through change trains of and other places of Hong Kong, Japan is in 50 control to 100 tons, took the overseas market of close 1/3 of crab of in relief settleclear lake.

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