Crab of in relief settleclear lake had new pack
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At present arrived again the season that crab of in relief settleclear lake appears on the market, what differ with in former years is, through sanded home creek farming takes central elaborate design, of crab of in relief this year settleclear lake pack more beautiful environmental protection.

As a result of 9, October portion air temperature still taller, this year, sanded home creek farming take a center to make a case with expanded plastics, consumer can be in inside the tone that sets ice cube to assure a crab, cover outside the box have can repeat use environmental protection bag.

Crab of authentic in relief settleclear lake still is united this year adorn by Suzhou this world guild of settleclear lake crab unites the mark preventing bogus of hair, carry a short message, consumer can examine directly whether does crab produce settleclear lake of out this world. The personage inside course of study predicts, the output of crab of in relief this year settleclear lake grows somewhat than in former years, the price won't have too big change.

The in relief settleclear lake this year (crab) be in probably 1500 (ton) control to 1600 tons, the price that basically appears on the market now, in relief settleclear lake (crab every jins) control 120 pieces to 130.

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