Extend business 114 sell a Yang Cheng lake crab
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Report from our correspondent (Wang Yunhe of reporter Chang Yan's reporter) be worth season eating crab, reporter yesterday learns from Wuhan telecommunication, 114 number knowledgeable person opened phone of crab of in relief settleclear lake to book a service, send crab freely for the citizen, made content shed the business.  
"Want a citizen to dial 114 phones to book only, we are showing free deliver goods comes inside calm time, COD. " Wuhan branch is integrated Yang Jun of integrated department chief expresses news operation center, to make sure the crab of service is authentic, fresh, will direct from Suzhou this world settleclear lake is airborne arrive Chinese.  
The personage inside course of study points out, 114 seek advice to book a room from first meal, order the ticket, foundation that points to the comprehensive information platform such as the road to go up, increased content to shed a service again, its function is expanding ceaselessly all the time and perfect.

Origin: Business of the Yangtse River signs up for