It is crab picture differs each together
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"Liang Zihu " mixing sell " Yang Cheng lake " social status is high

It is crab picture differs each together

Yesterday, reporter seek by inquiry China discovery of Nanhai fresh market: Crab of this locality Liang Zihu does not have a label again without the brand already, each different is mixing producing area to sell, every 500 grams go to 40 yuan 30 yuan only; Ab extra crab " in relief settleclear lake " completely of the brand label, sign that prevent bogus, every 500 grams can sell 250 yuan to go to 500 yuan however.

The reporter sees in the spot, there are nearly 30 crabs to manage inside field door, great majority is the big basin edge that holding crab, inserting a chipboard, writing above " Liang Zihu crab " , font handwriting is illegible, fascia size is differ. "Domestic home is being mixed sell, cry ' Liang Zihu ' , ghost knows which it is true " . A call a spade a spade manages inside field: So called " Liang Zihu " crab, some comes from Liang Zihu, some comes from lake of branch of a river of Han Chuan 汈 and Hong Hu, return some to come from Huang Bei 6 point to and the lake after Wuhan.

The Home Tang mound that the spot checks is industrial and commercial a staff member criterion truth fact says, because " Liang Zihu " some closer year of name is big, a lot of manage door sell crab to draw near get on this, the hope sells a good price, final it is difficult differentiate of consumer true and false, manage door eagerly Jew.

And China 3 inside Nanhai fresh market " Yang Cheng lake " crab brand shop, every are being taken on crab only the brand marks and prevent bogus sign, there still is those who contain the whole nation to unite number before inn " in relief settleclear lake " fascia of crab distribute inn. At present " in relief settleclear lake " crab although price is higher, but sales volume is good, basically sell a few famous and high-grade public houses of past our city. (antrum of Pan Ling of Xiong Hua of reporter She Hui's reporter's strong trainee jades)

Origin: Daily of the Yangtse River