"Crab of in relief settleclear lake " brand shop grabs beach Jiangchen highest 2
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Origin: Wuhan morning paper

Chinese network news (reporter Lu Ao makes Xiaoming like that) arrive again take crab good time, nowadays, more than 10 are specialized in " crab of in relief settleclear lake " brand shop is contended for land Jiangchen. But the reporter interviews understanding to arrive, high price lets person hang back, what the citizen looks is much, those who buy is little.

Yesterday afternoon, reporter in Macao road brand shop of crab of lake of a Yang Cheng sees, the crab inside inn is pressed entirely sell only. The fair crab that the 100 grams with the cheapest price control 28 yuan, of the most expensive 275 grams fair
Crab is as high as 288 yuan one. "Very expensive. " inside inn, a female client plaints. "Reduction of output of crab of in relief this year settleclear lake, expensive of course. " the staff member inside inn explains at once.

Reporter discovery, outside dividing crab, the article of nearly 10 kinds of form a complete set such as the Zhu Lanli box that there still is crab of the crab makings, tool that has crab, outfit inside inn, yellow rice or millet wine sells. Only 8 covered tools eating crab, retail price is as high as 398 yuan.

In Taipei road crossing inside brand shop of crab of another in relief settleclear lake, the crab also is to talk likewise sell only. The fair crab that 175 grams control makes work 58 yuan every, and the crab ceremony box of 10 outfit is the most precious be as high as 858 yuan, the cheapest also want 458 yuan. Bright red boss introduces this inn, its store just opens business at the beginning of September, should use a car to consign 300 jins two to from settleclear lake of Jiangsu this world everyday Chinese. "The person that comes round to buy is give sb a present more " .

According to the personage inside course of study preliminary count, there are more than 10 brand shops that are the same as a type about inside city at present, these brand shop are this year open business after second half of the year, and the plan that mostly the near future opens chain store in succession.

When the reporter is interviewed, often citizen curiosity comes in " hang ophthalmology " , of true dig down very few. Face " high " crab, many citizens give out doubt, "Crab this is expensive, is who knows crab of in relief settleclear lake? " to this, boss of brand shop of many in relief settleclear lake expresses, can prevent bogus to seek advice from a phone to inquire with getting online to check company name or be hit.

Compare the price of river crab of in relief settleclear lake, of Liang Zihu river crab low-cost a lot of. Reporter yesterday understands from limited company of group of aquatic product of Wuhan Liang Zihu, current, the fair crab of 200 grams above mixes crab of Liang Zihu great river the mother crab price of 175 grams above 320 yuan / kilogram, be equivalent to 64 yuan. And the mother crab of 50 grams of 125 grams ~ 120 yuan / kilogram, be equivalent to 16 yuan.
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