Jiangsu market of delta of the Yangtse River of race to control of civil war of
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Arrive again crab is fat fall season, as settleclear as this world of Su Na of in former years lake and too lake crab " infestation " the market is different, the solid city lake that is located in Su Zhongsu north this year and Hongze lake crab also join the procession of crab big fight, their goal is very consistent -- the market of long triangle crab that sea of above of race to control heads.

"This world is too " get reduction in production of tired water quality

Always of crab of in relief settleclear lake is famed the world, so-called " the Laosilaisi of crab bound " , but as in recent years too the water quality problem of lake catchment is increasingly severe, too lake and in relief settleclear lake happen to coincide the ground begins cut surround raise an area.

As we have learned, the final output of crab of in relief this year settleclear lake predicts to be 1500 tons about, decrease than 2100 tons of last year 3 into the left and right sides. Occupy additionally too lake fishing is in charge of Wu Linkun of meeting office vice director to introduce, this year too after the lake reduces the surface area of purse net breed aquatics considerably, too lake crab total output decreased 20% .

Although crop has relatively substantially cut, but the water quality state of two lakes all has older rate rise, "This world is too " (Yang Cheng lake, too the lake is) crab breed aquatics door people express consistently this year of the crab " have an opening " will exceed in former years. This year " this world is too " crab build norms has 5 than in former years, the growth of 10 grams. Forecast according to the expert, predicting price can be compared the corresponding period increased 5% ~ last year 10% .

Be located in the Hong Zehu that Jiangsu the Huaihe River installs is our country lake of the 4th big fresh water, also be groove guard of nature of national level wet land. As we have learned, hong Zehu teems with a crab, since from September the middle ten days of a month appears on the market, day all has the long triangle such as sea of upgrade of 25 thousand kilograms of crab carry, Nanjing, Hangzhou main city.

Solid city lake is Jiangsu provincial zoology protection is best laky one of, predict 11 thousand tons to be able to produce crab of lake of city of high grade solid this year. According to Gao Chun Chen Xianming of director of bureau of prefectural aquatic product introduces, predict to still can nearly 2000 tons crab sells upgrade of great capacity this year, 20% what occupy gross of crab of solid city lake about.

"Crab guest " each takes what he needs

The big lake of churchyard of 4 congeneric Jiangsu, the crab of crab of chela of cloth with soft nap of 4 kinds of congeneric China, in relief settleclear lake too of lake crab depend on is " descendent " aristocratic course, but getting reduction in production of tired water quality is the fact that does not dispute however, and lake of city of Hong Zehu, solid " promising young person " also capturing so a rare opportunity, depending on " Shui Qingsha young " quality of a material, strive from " traditional old " there cent cup a thick soup.
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