Eat crab addiction to be done so that have vomit and diarrhea
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The doctor says with wholesome supervisory branch, eat crab to have quite exquisite, everybody gets take things easy

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Yesterday, live in the chapter lady south urban city one face is hitting condole needle helplessly in the hospital, and go up this the culprit of the hospital is the crab that he likes to eat most unexpectedly. Will take the gold time of the crab just about October, the enthusiasm that carry on promotes a person to eat crab also is particularly rising, nevertheless the reporter understands from a few large hospitals of the urban district, eat crab " toxic " the patient is true still many. The doctor also reminds, the crab gets take things easy to eat.

Crab of of the previous night has a problem

Ms. Zhou is a crab " vermicelli made from bean starch " , "11 " after long holiday passes, the crab value on the market is overt fall after a rise, though this world is settleclear,the price house of lake crab does not fall high, the crab price of other nevertheless source is very substantial, common the crab price with 89 heavy grams is controlled 28 yuan in every 500 grams. A few days ago Ms. Zhou bought more than 10 at a draught, after coming home, rise crab evaporate eat, because the amount is too much, two crab were not eaten off that day. The following day, ms. Zhou takes the crab that remain with respect to too impatient to wait eat, did not think of this eats, eat gave an issue, do have vomit and diarrhea.

A doctor of courtyard of city traditional Chinese medical science tells a reporter, content of the protein in crab flesh, vitamin is very rich, nutrient value is very high, especially the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, crab creams. But the cholesterol content on the high side that these the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, crab creams, because this is tall,Ying Shen of hematic fat crowd eats. Additional, xian Han of crab sex flavour, cold to constitutional empty or it is weakling should not eat more. The doctor also points out, when evaporate boils crab, add the makings such as a few ginger, green, garlic more, let the burden with these hotter property, counteract the cool sex of crab.

Additional, what match absolutely with the crab is yellow rice or millet wine, eat a crab to drink bit of yellow rice or millet wine warm stomach, go raw meat or fish, can drive algidity.

Dead crab ten million cannot eat

Yesterday, each big market discovery that the reporter is in the urban district, the stall that sells a crab is very much, a bag of big a bag big crab is put to be on stall according to size, producing area. Nevertheless, the reporter also discovers a few dead crab are piled to be in aside. The reporter questioned the value of these dead crab, booth advocate say, these crab just absolutelied refuse to long, the price compares half of vivid crab petty gain, very popular.
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